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 Raid - 570K resources looted! Silly Box layout (Darren 48)

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PostSubject: Raid - 570K resources looted! Silly Box layout (Darren 48)   Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:03 am

Old video where I was TH 7 with level 3 troops. Easy win because it's a box layout!!!

daRRen, lvl 48 - 15 cups
Troops: 70 barbs, 32 archers, 30 gobs, 12 giants, 8 wallbreaker, clan house, 2 attack pots

My Observation:
Too EASY!!! Box layout = dead meat!

Because it's such a big loot, I didn't mind wasting two attack pots on this guy.
Opening move - I wanted to take out the mortar with two pots but the 2nd pot tapped didn't register. I lagged, probably due to the video recording during game play.
No real strategy was needed for this one. I pretty much held down the deploy button on this guy because of his weak base layout.

Summary: Big Win! 570K resources looted!

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Raid - 570K resources looted! Silly Box layout (Darren 48)
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